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Oclets - scenario-based modeling with Petri nets (Petri Nets 2009)

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Submitted and accepted as full paper at the 30th International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency (Petri Nets 2009).



We present a novel, operational, formal model for scenario-based modeling with Petri nets. A scenario-based model describes the system behavior in terms of partial runs, called scenarios. This paradigm has been formalized in message sequence charts (MSCs) and live sequence charts (LSCs) which are in industrial and academic use. A particular application for scenarios are process models in disaster management where system behavior has to be adapted frequently, occasionally at run-time. An operational semantics of scenarios would allow to execute and adapt such systems on a formal basis.

In this paper, we present a class of Petri nets for specifying and modeling systems with scenarios and anti-scenarios. We provide an operational semantics allowing to iteratively construct partially ordered runs that satisfy a given specification. We prove the correctness of our results.


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