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Contact Details

Dipl.-Inf. Hartmut Lackner
Research Fellow
Research Training Group METRIK (since 04/2013)
PhD thesis: Testing for Variant-rich Software Systems

phone: +49 (0) 30 2093 3118
fax: +49 (0) 30 2093 3112
E-Mail: lackner@informatik.hu-berlin.de

Office Address

Johann von Neumann-Haus
Room III.309 (House 3, third floor)
Rudower Chaussee 25
12489 Berlin, Germany


  • Quality Assurance
  • Model-based Testing
  • Software Product Line Engineering
  • Model-based Design
  • Fomal Methods

Open Topics for Bachelor/Master Theses



  • Stephan Weißleder, Florian Wartenberg, Hartmut Lackner: Automated Test Design for Boundaries of Product Line Variants. International Conference on Testing Software and Systems (ICTSS), 16 pages, Dubai, V.A.E., 11/2015.
  • Hartmut Lackner: Model-based Product Line Testing: Sampling Configurations for Optimal Fault Detection. 17th International System Design Languages Forum (SDL), 14 pages, Berlin, Germany, 10/2015. PDF
  • Hartmut Lackner, Martin Thomas, Florian Wartenberg, Stephan Weißleder: Model-Based Test Design of Product Lines: Raising Test Design to the Product Line Level. IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST), 10 pages, Cleveland, U.S.A., 4/2014 PDF


  • Hartmut Lackner, Martin Schmidt: Potential Errors and Test Assessment in Software Product Line Engineering. MBT Workshop, 16 pages, London, UK, 03/2015.
  • Hartmut Lackner, Martin Schmidt: Assessement of Software Product Line Tests. Software Product Line Analysis Tools (SPLat), 8 pages, Florence, Italy, 09/2014.
  • Stephan Weißleder, Hartmut Lackner: Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approach for Model-Based Testing of Product Lines. MBT 2013, 13 pages, Rome, Italy, 03/2013. PDF
  • Stephan Weißleder, Hartmut Lackner: Zwei Ansätze zur automatischen modellbasierten Generierung von Testfällen für variantenreiche Systeme. GI TAV 34, 4 pages, Aachen, Germany, 02/2013. PDF
  • Hartmut Lackner, Bernd-Holger Schlingloff: Modeling for Test Generation - A Comparison. MBEES 2012: 8th Dagstuhl-Workshop on Model-Based Development of Embedded Systems, Schloss Dagstuhl, Germany, 2012. PDF
  • Stephan Weißleder and Hartmut Lackner: System Models vs. Test Models - Distinguishing the Undistinguishable?. In Proceedings of the MoTes2010 workshop, 2010. PDF
  • Hartmut Lackner, Jaroslav Svacina, Stephan Weißleder, Mirko Aigner, Marina Kresse: Introducing Model-Based Testing in Industrial Context - An Experience Report. 3rd Workshop on Model-based Testing in Practice (MoTiP), 10 pages, Paris, France, 06/2010 (best paper) PDF
  • Hartmut Lackner, Jaroslav Svacina and Holger Schlingloff: Test Case Generation from workflow-based Requirement Specifications. Proceedings of the 2009 Workshop on Concurrency, Specification and Programming, 2009.


  • Lackner, Tahirbegovic: Nicht kapitulieren, sondern automatisieren. medizin & technik Ausgabe 5/11, S. 24-25, September 2011.

Book Chapters

  • Hendrik Heinze, Khalid Kallow, Hartmut Lackner, Sadegh Sadeghipour, Holger Schlingloff, Salko Tahirbegovic, Hans-Werner Wiesbrock:

Application and Evaluation in the Healthcare Domain. Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems 2012: 215-230, ISBN 978-3-642-34614-9


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