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Dr. rer. nat. Frank Kühnlenz

Alumni, Research Fellow of the Research Training Group METRIK June 2009 - January 2012
(May 2007 - May 2009: METRIK-associated through the SAFER project)


Email: kuehnlenz@informatik.hu-berlin.de


Design and Management of Experimentation Workflows (PDF)

First supervisor Prof. Dr. Joachim Fischer
Second supervisor Prof. Dr. Jens-Peter Redlich


Research Interests

  • Scientific Workflows, focused on experimentation with computer-based models (Experimentation Workflows)
  • Experiment Management
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Metamodel-based Language Development
  • Model-Driven Engineering (MDE)

Selected Publications (search)


Seismic eArly warning For EuRope (SAFER) is a project funded by the European Union with 23 international partners. The project started in June 2006 with a duration of three years. The SAFER project aims to fully exploit the possibilities offered by the real-time analysis of the signals coming from seismic networks for a wide range of actions, performed in a time interval of a few seconds to some tens of minutes. These actions range from the shutting down of critical systems of lifelines, industries, highways, railways, etc., the activation of control systems for the protection of crucial structures, the supplying of information to support decision making for the rapid response of emergency management services (e.g. ground shaking maps, continuously updated damage scenario estimates, aftershocks hazard etc.).

Within this project I started working on my PhD and was associated with METRIK.

Past Teaching

  • winter term 2008/2009: supervisor in the project seminar "Earthquake Early Warning" (Prof. Fischer)
  • winter term 2007/2008: supervisor in the project seminar "Early Warning" (Prof. Fischer)
  • winter term 2006/2007: supervisor in the tutorial to the lecture Information Integration (Prof. Leser)
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