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4. METRIK-Workshop Self-Organization in Distributed Information Systems – GRK-Wiki

4. METRIK-Workshop Self-Organization in Distributed Information Systems

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9.-10. October 2008, Zuse Institute Berlin www.zib.de


Thursday, 09.10.2008, 13:00-18:00, ZIB Hörsaal
13:00Graduate School METRIK: Status Quo
13:30Resource Selection in Dynamic Grid Environments
Paolo Costa, Microsoft Research, Cambridge
15:30About Simulators and Testbeds
Mesut Günes, FU Berlin
17:00Data Availability in Unreliable Distributed Networks
Joanna Geibig, METRIK
17:20Scalability of Wireless Mesh Networks
Sebastian Heglmeier, METRIK
17:40Modelling and Verification of Self-Organizing Systems
Jan Calta, METRIK
18:00End of Day 1 / Dinner
Friday, 10.10.2008, 9:00-13:00, HU Humboldt-Kabinett
09:00Handling Network Partitioning and Mergers in Structured Overlay Networks
Seif Haridi, SICS and KTH, Stockholm
10:30Implementing Transactions on Structured Overlays
Thorsten Schütt, ZIB
11:30Earthquake Early Warning: Status of the SOSEWIN-Prototype in Istanbul
Frank Kühnlenz
11:50Distributed Query Processing for Wireless Sensor Networks
Timo Mika Gläßer, METRIK
12:10Causal Weak Consistency Replication
Felix Hupfeld, ZIB
12:40Final remarks / Adjourn
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